Elementary小學教材Advanced / 高級

高級共四冊,適用 9-14 歲稍具華語程度者。


It has total of 4 books for beginners ages 9-14 with basic Chinese language background.

Students will learn over 1,100 vocabularies and gain the ability to basic Chinese readings after finish Book 9 to 12.

第九、十冊 / Book 9 and 10.


Based on the life stories and of characters from different backgrounds, students can channel these characters’ experience and discuss these varying scenarios, thereby improving their communication abilities by relating to events that take place in daily lives.

第十一、十二冊 / Books 7 and 8.


Students gain understanding of different perceptions and experience from a diverse scope of scenes, characters, and cultures in the journey of the protagonist of the story.

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