Reading Book讀本系列Chinese Graded Reader / 康軒華語初級讀本

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康軒華語初級讀本適合基礎程度的孩子,也可作為《Hello,華語!》一至四冊的輔助讀本。 全套含5本書、1片CD及1本材料本。






“Kang Hsuan Chinese Graded Readers” are specially designed for children as a second language reading material. These basic level readers are supplements of “Hello Huayu!” book 1 to 4. This series also includes 5 readers, audio CDs, activity book.

Special Features:

Graded readers designed for different levels
according to the CEFR scale of levels, as well as the vocabulary and language usages for Chinese proficiency tests.

Suitable for both self-learning and family reading
Readers with Chinese Pinyin, and English translation provided in the back section. Great for self-learning and families to read together.

Learning effectively with the audio aids
Improve listening and reading proficiency with CD or reading pens.

Fun with the attached learning cards
Emotion cards and role play cards are fun to play with.

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