Pre-School幼兒教材 Hello Huayu Starter / Hello 華語 Starter系列

《Hello,華語! Starter》是針對幼兒設計的漢語教材。內容選取最基本的詞彙與生活短語,並參考IB PYP (Primary Years Programme)六個知識主題及十個學習者目標,以豐富的情境故事及多元的圖像,開啟幼兒學中文的興趣。
教師手冊提供多元的教學建議,包括暖身活動、詞彙教學、語句教學、游戲本活動、游戲等。另附中英文教學計畫(curriculum guidelines),供教師備課參考。
Hello, Huayu! Starter is a set of Chinese textbooks for Kindergarden students as a second language. The very basic vocabulary and useful phrases are selected based on the six subject areas and the ten learner profiles of IB PYP (Primary Years Programme). The rich story scenarios and illustrations will open up the children's interest of learning Chinese. for ages 5-9.
Hello, Huayu! Starter level has two books for beginners age 3-6. Each has six essons and two reviews.
In addition to the textbook, Workbook, Teacher's Manual and E-Book are designed to go with the curriculum.
Each lesson has four playful practices to integrate the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. PYP learning goals are implemented to enhance children's development.
The teacher's manual provides various teaching suggestions for warm-up activities, vocabulary teaching, sentence pattern practices, workbook activities, game ideas, etc. Teachers can also find curriculum guidelines in both Chinese and English.
E-Book is a very valuable language teaching tool which is equipped with story cartoons, songs, games, flash cards. This interactive teaching tool will enhance students' concentration, and thus lead to more productive learning results.

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