Company Profile認識康軒


Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group was established in 1988. Over the past 20 years, Kang Hsuan has become a leading professional education publishing group in Taiwan and China. The group‘s expertise in the publishing field covers textbooks and diverse learning materials for preschool-aged, elementary school children, and secondary high school children. The field has extended to educational magazines and books to provide high quality learning materials and tools to child and adolescent students.



In addition to the development of educational publications, Kang Hsuan became actively involved in the teaching business in 2000 and established the “Kang Chiao Bilingual School”. The institute offers a broad curriculum for students from kindergarten to high school based on its textbook publishing experience. The goal is to nurture the students to develop an international vision and competiveness in order to fulfill the declarative goal of “Giving the children a beautiful future.” With the abundant experience in teaching and educational publishing in Taiwan, Kang Hsuan entered the educational publishing market in China in 2002, publishing textbooks, picturebooks, and magazines, etc. for children. The group furthermore established “Kang Chiao International School” in 2014 for the purpose of providing high quality learning opportunities to mainland students.

在全球的華語學習熱潮下,康軒在華語教材也不缺席,2011年推出了繪本式的兒童華語教材--《Hello,華語!》,陸續又出版了多個系列漢語讀本,及中學漢語教材Amazing Chinese,頗受好評。


To provide quality learning materials to the increasing global Chinese language learners, Kang Hsuan launched a children's picture-book style Chinese textbook series "Hello, Huayu!" in 2011. Since then, Kang Hsuan has published several popular Chinese readers series, and a textbook series "Amazing Chinese", which is dedicated to middle school students.

From Taiwan to China and to the world, Kang Hsuan continues to work towards the vision: "We are devoted to the development of an educational environment and to becoming the most influential contributor within the Chinese community."