Elementary小學教材Beginner / 初級


除了豐富活潑的教材及完整的教學配套,簡體字版還設計了Hello, Huayu APP,可有效提升學生學習動機,讓學生無縫學習。


It has total of 4 books for beginners ages 5-9.

In addition to an ample amount of vivid teaching materials and a complete teaching package, a Hello, Huayu App accompanies the Simplified version to effectively promote the learning motivation of students to achieve a seamless learning experience.

Books 1 to 4 in the App includes simple daily conversations and practical vocabularies. Through interaction activities on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, these books introduce over 300 vocabularies and 150 sentences.

第一、二冊 / Books 1 and 2.


Using the community life of the protogonist as background, students are introduced to basic daily conversations in Chinese.

第三、四冊 / Books 3 and 4


With a vacation trip as the main theme, these lessons are tailored to introduce students to vocabularies related to natural landscapes, traveling, and emotions.